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Beulah Baptist Church History


The origin of Beulah Baptist Church dates back to 1872.  In that year, thirty former slaves decided to leave the balcony at Bethany Baptist Church and build their own place of worship.  Rev. James S. Minor one of the original thirty served as the first pastor until his death in 1915.


The first congregation worshipped under a brush arbor until a frame church was constructed.  Rev. Dr. Chester A. Lindsey, Sr. our second pastor was led by God to lead the congregation in building the brick edifice in which we worship today.


Each of the ministers who labored here at Beulah was touched by God to lead this congregation to the flourishing fruitful vineyards.  Under the leadership of Rev. M. Franklin the fellowship hall was added.


In April 2016  we called our 11th Pastor Rev. Dr. W. David Lee to be the shepherd of this house.  He has brought Beulah into an innovative era.  A website was created, along with social media outlets to let others know about this great church.  In August  2016 a logo was created to honor the thirty slaves that started Beulah combined with updated elegance.   In March 2017 the parking lot was repaved, which included  led lighting and re-lining the parking spaces.   In July 2017 under Pastor Lee's guidance and vision, Beulah renovated the sanctuary with new pews, new carpet, restoring the original wood flooring, adding media screens and monitors, renovating the north annex floor tiles, and Beulah's Branches of Blessings donation wall plaque was completed. With God's anointing Pastor Lee preaches every Sunday with passion and love.  Since 2016 Pastor Lee has hit the pavement running for the Lord.  We are proud to have this Man of God as our Pastor!

The Pastors of Beulah Baptist Church have been:


Rev. James S. Minor                                       1872-1915

Rev. Dr. Chester A. Lindsey                            1916-1950

Rev. Parrish D. Freeman                                1951-1959

Rev. Charles M. Franklin                                1961-1969

Rev. Dr. Robert F. Bowles                               1969-1977

Rev. Preston Jordan, Sr.                                 1980-1982

Rev. Ronald Thomas                                       1985-1988

Rev. Ralph Ladmirault                                    1990-1993

Rev. James E. Preast, Jr.                                1995-2000

Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Young                                2002-2014

Rev. Dr. W. David Lee                                      2016-Present

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